Sequel beginning in the land of ice and fire…

In my last post, I mentioned that I was editing in a tropical location. I’m back this week, and I only have three chapters left to edit. I’ll send it to my copy editor as soon as they’re finished 🙂

That’s good news because as soon as I email it off, I’ll be able to continue working on my sequel to The Children of Lehom. I’m itching to. At the present moment, I’m beginning the second book in Iceland. I’m not going to say more just in case I need to change things later. Note that I said the sequel begins in the land of ice and fire, but that doesn’t mean the whole book takes place there.

Iceland has a very different type of beauty than a tropical island; however, beautiful it still is. Below are pictures of black sand beaches near Vik.

Haunting, no?



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