Fear of rejection does not really protect you.

There’s a campus-wide “growth mindset” initiative taking place at my day job. I think it’s a good process, but it’s also scary. When we are “fixed mindset,” we don’t take risks because we want to protect ourselves from rejection (and failure). Conversely, people with growth mindset accept that rejection may happen; they also learn and improve from it. They harness their fears and use them to motivate them on the path to success.

This post isn’t really about pop psychology or self-improvement. Instead, it’s my way of saying that I’ve decided to try querying literary agents for The Children of Lehom instead of self publishing right off the bat. At first, I was afraid of the query process because of the HUGE chance of rejection by multiple agents. Getting an agent is hard. However, I couldn’t let this fear stand in my way. Sometimes fear does protect us from doing stupid things. Other times, it hinder our success.

Let the querying begin.


Photo credit: Egor Vysotsky


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