Balancing work and life…

As I query literary agents, I’m also writing the sequel to The Children of Lehom, thinking of ways to improve the first novel, working at my full time job, planning the next academic publication, and still spending time with my husband and dog. It can get overwhelming (to say the least!).

I came across Laura Vanderkam by accident. She quotes Ovid, who says, “dripping water hollows the stone.” This concept is true…at least when we let it be true. Small successes and achievements are enough because incrementally, they add up. We will see our efforts manifest if we have the patience and endurance to persist to that stage.

I’ll confess that patience isn’t necessarily my strong suit. Endurance I’m pretty good at. But patience? Sometimes 🙂  As anyone who’s queried knows, patience is required at this stage of publishing.

I’m not turning into a self-help-guru shill. Promise! I do, however, think it’s perfectly okay to glean bits of wisdom from people who have achieved a form of work/life balance. legzira_beach


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