Querying is “good for you.”

I’m in the process of finding The Children of Lehom a home with a publisher, and it can be disheartening at times. The only consistent feedback I’ve had so far is that dystopian literature is hard to sell at the moment. There’s tons of it out there, and the market is saturated. My novel isn’t straight-up dystopian, though, because it has a strong romantic subplot and is also sci-fi light.

That said, the process of finding the book a home, with all of its mandatory trials and tribulations, is also valuable.

Wait, what?

Yes, I said that the process has a purpose. I came across the following blog post, and it resonated strongly with me:


I won’t repeat everything here, but the author asserts that querying builds character, connects one to a larger community of writers, and functions somewhat as an initiation.

This advice is important because when a writer recognizes the value of working through a process, he/she opens up him/her self to the rewards that come from genuine growth. Just like writing is a process in itself, so is the work that comes after đŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “Querying is “good for you.”

  1. I’m about to enter the querying phase and I’ll keep this in mind. Congrats on finding a home for your first, and soon to be second, books!


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