Great news!!!

So, I made this announcement on my social media accounts a little while ago but delayed mentioning it here until I could put it in the context of a larger post. The Children of Lehom is getting published this summer!!! I signed with Chandra Press, a digital-first science fiction publisher. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. Finding a home for the book over the past year has been an interesting, yet sometimes emotionally fraught, journey.

You may ask, why them? Well, there are many reasons. I found their contract fair, they’re enthusiastic about the book, and the key people in the company have lots of publishing experience. I also know they’ll market the book well, which is very important to me. In summary, I did my research and followed my gut when making my decision. Those are my two primary recommendations when selecting where to place your book.

Another point: don’t rush and sign with the first person/publisher who shows interest unless your research checks out. About six months ago, I received an offer from another publisher. I didn’t take it because the company had yet to launch and was being run by people with no experience. In fact, this was their second company. The first one had imploded, likely because of dramatic antics up the wazoo. Needless to say, the second iteration, the company who made me that offer, also went poof before they even got up and running. I’m so glad I didn’t even entertain that offer.

I’ll keep you all posted…the book will be out this summer!

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