Resolutions for the New Year

This time of year, people tend to have one last hurrah before committing to another set of resolutions. My resolutions for 2020 don’t quite fit that scenario. 2019 was a great year. The Moon Hunters was published, and I started Marie Kondoing my house because I discovered that I wrote better when I didn’t have tons of clutter to distract me. I also have just under 70k words of the sequel to The Moon Hunters written. I’m happy with that progress.

So, what are my resolutions for 2020? For one thing, I’m going to make sure I keep up the writing momentum. I will finish revising the sequel in the early months of the new year and also want to get the first draft of the prequel written by the end of the summer. These are doable goals. What I do need to work on, however, is keeping up with my blog. This is where I’ve slacked off.

What to do? First, I need to create a reasonable goal, which for me is 2-4 blog posts per month. I don’t want to write fluff, so I need to think creatively about what to post. I aim to think of that as a fun challenge instead of a burden.

Another goal? Keep my house free of clutter.

I wish everyone a very happy New Year. Now, go and enjoy your last hurrahs 🙂destin 1


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