My historical fantasy book is coming out on Feb. 1 :)

Well, I evidently didn’t keep last year’s resolution, which was to post more often on this blog. I did jog metric eff-tons inside my house and around my neighborhood because I didn’t feel safe working out in my gym. I also learned how to make my Ukrainian Pascha (Easter) bread and a host of other things. Perhaps the biggest change of all was job-wise. I resigned from my full-time gig and transitioned into remote teaching. I missed having my own classes, and there was also a pandemic raging in my state. 

To sum up, it’s been an insular year with my husband and dog. Instead of going to the Cyclades with husband, my mother, and mother-in-law, we watched Tiger King with slack-jawed awe and learned to appreciate little things and social gathering via video conferencing. 

As for writing news: my historical fantasy, The Garden of Stone Houses, is coming out on Feb. 1 🙂 I wrote this book before I signed The Moon Hunters with Chandra Press, so Chandra decided to publish it before the sequel to The Moon Hunters. Rest assured, the sequel to TMH is written, but it needs a couple of rounds of editing. 

Here’s the cover of this book. I posted an earlier version of the first chapter on this blog, so if anyone is curious, check it out 🙂 I’m excited for this book release. I promise the sequel to The Moon Hunters is coming, too. I just want it to be the best book possible 🙂


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