Sequels, prequels, and survival tips.

So, good news! My editor and I are in the process of editing the sequel to The Moon Hunters. We’ve been tackling some developmental edits to make sure that the book makes sense. I don’t want to write a sequel simply because it’s possible: I want to write one because Leilani’s story demands it. We are making steady progress on it, and while she has the manuscript, I continue writing the prequel. 

Revisiting The Moon Hunters universe is fun. I also remember all of the details I took out of the book because it dragged down the story. The researcher in me wanted to keep those details in, but my writer self acknowledged they weren’t relevant. I’d done research on how people on a remote island could live without access to much technology or contact with the “modern” world. I learned about bamboo architecture, water purification techniques, crop rotations, herbalism, etc. My main character, Leilani, would not be imparting all of those details to the doctor who rescued her. 

It was for this reason that I decided to use this blog as a place to communicate this information. I read books and articles, and I found informative videos on YouTube. Let’s not forget the wonderful survival techniques I found on Naked and Afraid reruns and other survival shows. 

So, the purpose of this blog post is to inform about water filtration using charcoal. People on Ani Island boiled water to purify it, but I also gave them rain collection devices that led to cisterns. Charcoal filters are a great way to purify rainwater.

Want to find out how? Click the link below 🙂

For extra purification, people can use activated charcoal. How to do that? Add lemon juice, an easy thing to find on a tropical island.


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